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Renowned Singer Barbara Fowler Performs. Photo by Merle Davis

Audience Loved the “ Hartford Divas” Performance

West Hartford – A Pratt & Whitney Retiree, A Lunchroom Lady at a local school and a Wal-Mart Cashier transform into the Hartford DIVAS aka Divine Inspirational Voices Achieving Success along with the lead and Renowned...
by marvin


World Mourns Nelson Mandela

    Nelson Mandela 1918 – 2013 South Africa – (By Jocelyne Hudson-Brown) – Few people in the history of the world have a profound effect on all mankind. Fewer still are deemed worthy of near sainthood, ...
by marvin


The Return of the Hartford Divas

HARTFORD – ( By. Jocelyne Hudson-Brown / Inquiring News ) – Prepare yourself for a night of great music, glamorous entertainment and comic relief, as the “The Return of the Hartford Divas” is going to bring the ho...
by marvin


black runner

Thousands Enjoy Hartford Marathon

Hartford – (10-12-13) – The annual ING Hartford marathon enjoy a wonderful day. Thousands of runners from all far and near ran the 26 mile course through-out Great Hartford.  Downtown Hartford was a buzz with excitemen...
by marvin

Crash scene at Main Street-Windsor Street. Photo by Reggie Hales

Deadly Crash in Hartford

  Hartford – (10-11-13 / 11:30 pm) – Hartford Fire and Police responded to a late Friday night crash. Upon arrival, Police discovered 2 badly burned person. Both were pronounced dead on scene. When police arrived, ...
by marvin