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BREAKING NEWS: D.C. Shooter Aaron Alexis Dead, 12 Murdered

D.C. Shooter Aaron Alexis Dead, 12 Murdered Washington, D.C. – (Washington Post / 9/16/13 ) – The names of seven out of the 12 people killed in the shooting at the Washington Navy Yard on Monday have been released. The ...
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How Blacks are Portrayed in the Media

By. David Riley AURN — The autotune remix of Charles Ramsey, the hero of the Cleveland kidnapping has more than 10-million hits on youtube.  Dave Riley talks with author and media critic Earl Ofari Hutchinson, who says t...
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Mrs. Obama: Businesses Must Hire More Vets

Washington, D.C. – Two years ago, we launched Joining Forces, a nationwide campaign to rally all Americans to support our veterans and military families. We did this for two simple reasons: because we were both awed by th...
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Mayor Segarra Reads to Preschoolers

HARTFORD – Mayor Pedro Segarra gave an animated and well-received reading to an audience that sat cross-legged at his feet on Friday, April 19. He stopped by the preschool classrooms of Community Renewal Team’s (CRT) Herita...
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Explosions at Boston Marathon

BREAKING NEWS:  Inqnews / Boston Globe – 4-15-13 2-3PM) – Two explosions have occurred near the Boston Marathon finish line. There have been a number of injuries and the race was diverted away from Copley Square before...
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