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January 2, 2017

O.N.E./C.H.A.N.E., Inc. Goal: “ZERO KILLINGS in 2017”

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Written by: Reggie Hales

O.N.E./C.H.A.N.E., Inc. Goal: “ZERO KILLINGS in 2017”

Pastor Rev. Paul D. Everett of The Phillips Metropolitan CME Church, Hon. Thirman L. Milner, Larry Charles, Sr., Imam Muhammad Ansari (Pres. NAACP), Linda King-Corbin (President Kiwanis Club of Hartford), Rev. Henry Brown, Mack Hamilton, Phillips Metropolitan Church, Bro. Student Min. Kelvin X. Lovejoy. Photo by Yvonne Francis

Hartford – (Reggie Hales/Inquiring News-CT – Sunday 1-1-17/2:30 pm) – Community Leaders gathered New Year’s Day to rally a campaign to end the violence. “Zero Killing Program designed to keep attention on the urgent need to prevent or reduce gun and violence in the City. With attention to the Clay Hill and the Northend. Though even before the sun rose Sunday Hartford logged it’s first killing of the year, on Park St near Broad St. Twenty eight-year-old women was shot in the chest. A thirty-year-old male suspect was apprehended after being spotted by a police officer in the area at the time.

“The Goal of O.N.E./C.H.A.N.E., Inc. is “ZERO KILLING PROGRAM!” for 2017,” said, Board President and former mayor, Thirman L. Milner.  “We don’t want any parent, family or friends to experience the unthinkable loss of a child.”  The press conference took place in front of the Phillips AME Church at 2500 Main St.

Weeks earlier the Urban League of Hartford held a meeting at the Artist Collective with discussions on a new book written by local educators, scholars and a host of prominent community leaders. The book title, “State of Black Hartford” gave a compelling look at where we were and life of Black folks to-date.

“We want equal justice and people need jobs,” said Sen. Eric Coleman.  “We like the Zero Killing Program and ONE/CHANE, Inc.”

The community leaders committed themselves to making the program a priority, with the effort to stop and reduce all killings and violence.

“We will do our part for the kids, said, President Linda King-Corbin of the Kiwanis Club of Hartford.  “We will sponsor even more kids in the Boy Scout, Key Club and services.”

“We must work to rebuild these community institutions and restore their programs that have been tested through time as effective solutions for developing youth’,” said Ex. Dir., Andrew Woods of Hartford Communities That Care.

“If you want to kill somebody in the neighborhood,” said David Hendricks past member of the board.  “ONE/CHANE, Inc. will ask the judge to get you life.  So, don’t kill nobody, just work it out”

“Education still is the quickest and cheapest way to break the poverty cycle,” said, The Greater Hartford NAACP President Imam Muhammad Ansari.” “We want to be on the team to saving lives.”

The event ended with a collective prayer of hope, healing renewed life. Inquiring News will follow the effort and report details as they continue.

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