September 4, 2012

Need I Say It Again?

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By Cloves C. Campbell

Last week I penned an article titled “Show Me the Money.” The article questioned whether or not the Black Vote was being taken for granted by the OBAMA campaign due to the small amount of resources allocated to the Black press and other Black entities. I also stated that the Romney campaign allocated “0” dollars to the Black press and other Black entities that I was aware of. Recently, as of this writing, I have had several conversations with various staff members from the OFA campaign. Each voiced their displeasure with the tone of my article and questioned my position on the issue. Conversely, I have still not received one reply from the Romney Campaign at all. That leads me to believe that the Romney Campaign is not taking the Black vote for granted…..they just don’t care about the Black vote period!

Let’s make sure we are putting my position in the proper perspective. At no time did I say that Black folks are not supporting our President. At no time did I say that the Black Press did not support our President. At no time did I say that we will not support our President. What I did say and ask was, as we are less than 100 days out “Show Me the Money.” We know how the Romney Campaign feels about the Black vote, actions speak very loudly. When Romney can go to the NAACP conference and boldly state that the first act he would make as President of the United States of America is to repeal “OBAMACARE”, it is obvious that his campaign does not care about the Black vote.

That position has been crystal clear for months. If you care to argue that point….I’ll bet you $10,000 dollars I’m right.

With over $3 billion dollars being spent, I questioned why our newspapers were not being used for advertising. What I was told was that the audience our newspapers reach was not the demographic of the campaign. They believed their resources would be better utilized by targeting younger Blacks that are more inclined to use digital, social media and other electronic means of communication. I believe that our newspapers touch all areas and also offered those platforms in our proposal.

Let’s keep it real. The Black press has been and continues to be the most trusted source for news for Black Folks for over 100 years. When any events of significance have occurred in the Black community the Black Press has always been and continues to be the most trusted source by Black folks! Our member publications reach 19.5 million Black readers each week.

No other information outlet can make that statement. Our members, our history, our legacy and our publishers stand by the credo of Black Press. It states: The Black Press believes that America can best lead the world away from racial and national antagonisms when it accords to every person regardless of race, color creed, full human and legal rights. Hating no person, fearing no person, the Black Press strives to help every person in the firm belief that all are hurt as long as anyone is held back.

Let’s put this to an end right now. Black folks, young and seasoned, read Black Newspapers every week. We the Black Press will continue to support the President, his campaign and his administration. But don’t get it twisted, we will ask the questions when they need to be asked. Need I say it again?



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