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September 29, 2012

Mayor Segarra Announces Layoffs

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Hartford – Mayor Pedro E. Segarra announced that the City of Hartford has laid-off 14 employees and permanently eliminated 5 positions in order to fulfill his responsibility to meet all requirements set forth in the consensus Fiscal Year 2012-2013 budget. The FY 12-13 Adopted Budget was passed unanimously City Council in May.
“As I have said many times, I did not want to lay anyone off. Over the last two years we have reduced the budget by approximately $4 million dollars – including a $7 million dollar spending reduction this year. While we have continued to make strategic investments in areas that will maximize grant opportunities, increase revenues or focus on the delivery of critical services like public works and public safety; I cannot ignore the fact that the City Council unanimously adopted a budget that included $1 million dollars in employee concessions. I had hoped to achieve this number through furlough days, but several unions rejected that offer and thus we find ourselves in the position that we are in today,” said Mayor Segarra.

As indicted previously, a majority of the layoffs were from mid-management ranks and will save the City of Hartford approximately $700,000 after accounting for cash outs and other employee benefits. The average salary of those being laid-off is $71,660. The 5 position eliminations will come from the Office of the Chief Operating Officer, Treasury, and Departments of Finance and Families, Children, Youth and Recreation, and will save an additional $282,000. The City will also benefit from a grant match savings of $100,000. Together these actions will save approximately $1,083,000 in FY 12-13 and $2.4 million dollars in FY 13-14.

The Mayor also confirmed that all non-unionized classified and unclassified employees, including Police and Fire Command Staff and all non-sworn personnel who make more than $45,000 per year, will be required to take furlough days.

“Every layoff and position that is being eliminated was carefully analyzed to ensure that departmental operations and the delivery of services would remain the same if not improved,” continued Mayor Segarra. “With today’s actions, we have taken a large step toward meeting my commitment of delivering a balanced budget.”

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