December 17, 2012

A Message for Newtown

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Written by: marvin

Reggie Hales - Inquiring News“Our Thoughts and Prayers are with Newtown, Connecticut Residents. A message from Inquiring News publisher W. Reggie Hales May God Comfort You All.” [mp3-jplayer tracks=”Inqnews Newtown Message.mp3″ width=”280px” height=”77px” pn=”n” mods=”y” vol=”45″ pos=”rel-R” list=”n”]

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Kickbacks exploit inmates’ families

 November 26, 2012

In Cook County jails, prisoners are charged as much as $15 a call to be in touch with their relatives. The exploitive rates can force families — already struggling with the bur...
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Witness for Justice: “Deadheading and the Stars”

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