Capturing the African American experience in Southern New England.

The Inquirer Newspaper Group is the largest African American newspaper organization in Southern New England. Each week, for nearly three decades, the newspapers have diligently provided news of interest to African Americans information readers are unable to find elsewhere. Our pages chronicle the dynamics of local politics, business development, sports and the arts. Insightful features on housing, employment and health care anchor the pages. Indeed, we touch the lives of African Americans in Southern New England-from marriages to births, from job promotions to community events. Only  Inquiring News captures the African American experience in Connecticut and Springfield, Massachusetts.

Claim Your Share of a Billon Dollar Market:

Inquiring News reach a sizable portion of the more than one billion dollar African American consumer market in Connecticut and Western Massachusetts. In Connecticut alone, there are more than 500,000 African American residents with a total family income of more than a billon dollars. That’s a lot of market share-for all consumer categories. Our readers spend big on everything from Automobiles to groceries.

Moreover, supermarkets, pharmacies, clothing stores and similar retailers represent a large share of the Inquiring News’s base distribution points-giving advertisers top-of-mind awareness among an audience with a purchasing mind-set. Numerous studies have shown that African Americans were more receptive to advertising that appears in African-American media. With Inquiring News, advertisers can tap a valuable segment of Connecticut’s and Western Massachusetts’ African-American consumer market.

“No man can put a chain about the ankle of his fellow man without at last finding the other end fastened about his own neck.”–Fredrick Douglass

Where Recruitment Ads Stand Out:

The Inquiring Newspapers are tops in reaching African American workers in a wide spectrum of occupations-from attorneys and engineers to those in such service positions as clerks, administrative assistants and salespersons. Our classified section is thoroughly read each week by thousands of African Americans who know that a recruitment ad appearing in the Inquirer Newspapers signals to our readers that a company or institution is sincerely interested in recruiting and retaining minorities.

Maximum Exposure, Measurable Success:

Moreover, the Inquirer regularly features individuals who are successfully climbing the career ladder. This positive editorial environment often lends lasting support and effectiveness to our classified/recruitment advertisers. More than 200,000 African American workers are currently in the labor force in Connecticut, with another 35,000 in Greater Springfield, Ma.

Reader Involvement

That’s what advertisers get when using Inquiring News as marketing vehicles. Our spirited reader involvement has been displayed repeatedly. For example, after the Inquiring News undertook extensive coverage of abandoned vehicles on urban streets, the response among our readers and community leaders was overwhelming-prompt quick action from municipal officials to rid the community of the dangerous eyesores.

Our cover-to-cover readership provides un-matched involvement for the advertiser seeking maximum, no-waste exposure among area African Americans.