Inquiring News – CT

Inquiring News – CT  is the cornerstone media targeting African Americans throughout Southern New England each week. The five-paper chain has the largest circulation of any Black publishing organization in New England. Nationally, the total income for African Americans approaches a billon dollars, a sum surpassing the total national budget of many countries. Advertising in the Inquiring News allows you to both increase sales to African Americans and demonstrate that your business respects and appreciates Black patronage. Indeed, the papers are the VOICE of African Americans throughout Connecticut and Western Massachusetts.

INQUIRING NEWS – CT Group is a member of  the National Newspaper Publishers Association, Northeast Publishers Association, the Black Press of America and other professional organizations. Because of editorial prominence, the INQUIRING NEWS – CT is read and not ignored.

Production Charges:

  • Color – $190.00 per additional color     Inserts -$70.00 CPM per 1,000 (10,000 min.)
  • Overlays, Overprinted or Dropped Out Type $50.00. Artwork of Expanded Graphic Services $70.00 per hour.
  • Special Position – 30 Percent Premium

Special Pre Pay Rates – (860) 983-7587   Contract Discounts upon request.

NET RATE PER COLUMN INCH     News Display Ads……$31.15         Classifieds……………..$33.15 GROSS RATE PER COLUMN INCH       Display Ads….$35.82


COMMISSION:  a. 15 percent commission granted to valid, established agencies only, subject to gross rate card. b. 1-1/2 percent interest added to accounts after 30 days. After 60 days, account automatically becomes C.W.C. (Cash With Copy) until brought current. c. Political advertising is payable in advance.

MECHANICAL REQUIREMENTS (NON-SAU FORMAT):  a. We print offset. Advertising rates apply to camera ready copy only. If we must provide any composition, prepare artwork and provide repros, regular trade hourly rates additional to our cost. b. Width of Columns: 1 Column: 1-5/18 inches; 2 Columns: 3-3/8 inches; 3 Columns: 5-1/8 inches; 4 Columns: 6-7/8 inches; 5 Columns: 8-5/8 inches; 6 Columns: 10-1/4 inches; 6 Column Width: 16 inches depth; 1/4 Page: 24 inches; Half Page: 48 inches; Full Page: 96 inches. c. Deadline: 5 P.M. Thursday prior to Wednesday publication date.

CIRCULATION: a. Controlled; b. Character of Circulation: Distributed weekly at newsstands, insurance companies, corporate offices, markets, government buildings, and by mail. Strong emphasis on businesses in the Black community barber and beauty shops, churches, service stations, pharmacies, grocers and other stores; c. Locality of Circulation: greater City areas;

In Circulation Every Wednesday Morning:


Circulation: 55,000


The publisher assumes no liability for damages that may flow as a result of an error inadvertisement. The publisher is responsible for the portion of space that the error appears in only. The publisher will rectify the error by republication or advertising credit only. The advertiser assumes full and complete responsibility for the content of all advertising copy published, including the indemnification of the publisher against damages. The failure of the publisher to insert any advertisement is immaterial and shall not be considered a breach of any agreement. The publisher is not responsible for key numbers. All advertisements ordered set and not used within 30 days will be charged composition charges.

Standard Order Form: the advertiser agrees to use the standard order form of the publisher. No changes or additions of the stated terms or conditions shall be binding on the publisher and any attempt to alter such terms shall be treated as a request only. If orders contain incorrect rates or conditions the advertisement shall be published with the terms of this rate card. Inquiring News – CT & My Way Dev., LLC reserve the right to reduce circulation and non-guarantee of circulation allotments, per economy and company’s financial strength And or non-prepayment. Doing business and payment to Inquiring News & My Way Dev., LLC, will be acceptance of these terms and disclosures.

Advertising Acceptability:

The publisher reserves the right to censor, reject, alter   or refuse any advertising copy in its sole discretion or  disapprove any advertising copy in accordance with  mechanical requirements or any rules that the publisher may now have or adopt in the future, concerning the acceptance of advertising matter.


The Advertiser agrees that the copyrights to all  advertisements and news produced by Inquiring News shall  be owned by The Inquiring News – CT Publishing & My Way  Dev., LLC. Such advertisements, news & photos cannot be  reproduced without express permission from The Inquiring  News – CT.