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Discriminating Against Women Farmers

USDA and U.S. Justice Department Discriminating Against Women and Hispanic Farmers Selma, Alabama – The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the U.S. Justice Department employed one claims process in address...
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Superstar Vanessa Williams Headline Luncheon

HARTFORD – The Amistad Center for Art & Culture announces Superstar Vanessa Williams and her mother, Helen Williams, will headline the Phenomenal Woman Luncheon, the first of three final events celebrating The Amistad...
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Witness for Justice: “Deadheading and the Stars”

By. Loey Powell | Executive for Administration and Women’s Justice It is often while doing the most mundane tasks that we remember things learned from loved ones who are no longer with us. Like the other day when I was “dea...
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Media Coverage of Reproductive Rights Should Include Women of Color

By Nadra Kareem Nittle OAKLAND – Social wedge issues such as abortion, birth control and sex education in public schools have taken center stage and sometimes dominated the political debate this year, but progressive expe...
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